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Départ de balade au Mas de Bonnaude en Lozère  Balade au lac de Naussac en Lozère  Pomme couchée, Crin Blanc et Doline au Mas de Bonnaude en Lozère  Lilas et Lutin au Mas de Bonnaude en Lozère  Bourriquet monté pour les petits hôtes du Mas de Bonnaude en Lozère  Bourriquet attelé pour les petits hôtes du Mas de Bonnaude en Lozère

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The region of large, open spaces

Lozère has always been a place of for endless horseback riding. The lack of suitable roads, the difficulty of geographical relief, have justified the use of mules for transportation and trips on horseback. The horse's vocation has been maintained in this strange, wild and exceptionally varied countryside..

In the saddle on very good horses inter-bred with Arabian thoroughbreds, born on the property, you will discover the mountaintops of Margeride, the sandy banks of the Naussac lake, or the steep paths of the Allier or Chapeauroux gorges.

Riders with their own mounts are also welcome. The equestrian relay approved by the FRETE guarantees quality lodging (3 "compass cards" and 3 "horseshoes"). Their mounts are assured of finding spacious boxes or vast pasture lands for an evening's stopover during an outing, or for a stay in our self-catering facilities. Selected and recommended itineraries will be suggested to them for rides or outing of several days.

Rates 2018 season for your horse

Horse in field

6 €/day

Horse in stable

10 €/day

Price includes feed and hay at will.


Other activities available on the site : private swimming-pool and tennis court, ping-pong, mountain bikes.


Equestrian activities  at " Mas Bonnaude " ( Lozère )